Watch this video by Dr. Rutherford for more information on how to find out if you would be a good candidate for our program


Thank you for your interest in the comprehensive Chiropractic Neurology and Functional Medicine program offered at Power Health Rehab and Wellness.

We are located in Reno, NV, however we also treat patients from all regions of the United States.  If you live in Northern Nevada or would like to travel to our facility, we do offer a free 30 minute consultation. However, for those of you whom distance is a consideration, we have a process to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for our program and if it is worth your time, energy and financial investment to travel to our office for care.  Please watch the above video for more information and if interested click on the get started button.

    Kelly B

    I've never had a doctor take so much time to learn about my health history and offer such encouraging words concerning getting to the root cause of my health concerns without opening a prescription manual and prescribing a pill for what ails me. My experience with prescription drugs has often left me with heart burn for weeks, and sometimes longer. I look forward to learning the root causes of my allergies, joint pain, and possible nerve damage. Thank you!

    Richard F

    I love all the people at Power Health and wellness and thank them for the second chance on life they have given me I was 507 pounds and They gave me the tools and support I needed to get down to 338lbs. Not only have I lost weight I also feel amazing I am more energetic than I have in the past 10 years. There was a time in my life I didn't believe I would live to see 40 I still have 8 months to go but I know I will see my daughter graduate and attend SDSU. And my boys graduate high school. And someday I will be here to play with my grandchildren. Thank you all so much for everything
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